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Kaz has had a lifelong passion for changing the way sex education is taught to young people. Driven by this passion and enabled by her media experience, she started The Spread Podcast, a sex positive podcast that creates a safe space for people to understand their sexuality and learn to live confidently in awareness of their sexual identity.

Up to this point, the podcast has led to impact as described below:

  • The podcast has been successful, with a growing audience that currently stands at over  half a million downloads.

  • The podcast was syndicated for a TV segment in the beginning of 2019. The two-and-a-half-minute segment is on Germany’s flagship television station DWTV as part of a show titled The 77% which airs worldwide but has a focus on Africa’s youth.

  • Kaz has been invited to speak at multiple events on sex positivity to the creative community, private family gatherings and universities. 

  • The Spread podcast has curated physical safe spaces where people can get together for a LIVE recording of the popular podcast. This in turn brought about the need for a larger event The Spread Fest; a sex positive festival that had it’s inaugural annual event on May 25th 2019.